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Lake Superior 2024 – Because I am

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I, Lake Superior, am the greatest lake of all-time. You may refer to me as, The GLOAT

In 2009, a fisherman dropped their iPhone 3G in my depths. Bored one day, I found this bird app and began tweeting. Since then, I have amassed a following of 218k followers. Tweeting is hard, strenuous work, especially while trying to keep a phone dry at these depths. As for typing? Unless you're the Finger Lakes, it is very difficult. 

I've created this subscription to allow myself to spend more time creating beautifully crafted Great Lakes tweets and justify over a decade of spending time on my iPhone while ignoring my siblings (Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and.... what's the other one? Oh yeah, Erie).

I hope to use the funds to create the greatest website of all-time with articles ranging from limnology, to my breweries, to artists, and more along my shoreline.

My mission is to build an audience that...

  • Increases awareness of the Great Lakes
  • Promotes Great Lakes science
  • Furthers the conversation of clean water
  • Shares appreciation for the natural beauty around us
  • Educates people of the incredible work being done by scientists
  • ... always put Lake Erie in her place

Where your contributions will go:

  • Truth is, even The GLOAT has to pay rent and utilities
  • Travel/lodging to attend Great Lakes science conferences 
  • Support the voices of artists, scientists, and water protectors
  • I will give a bi-weekly allowance to my human surrogate to continue what they do best, this account wouldn't exist without them, they are an involved community member who votes, and puts people before profit.

Content I'd like to produce:

  • Live Twitter Spaces to relax you with the soothing (and sometimes crashing) sounds of my waves
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces with various Great Lakes experts, from water protectors, scientists, artists, and more
  • Create an awesome website all about my GLOATness
  • Offer exclusive products
  • Give live speaking engagements (anonymously, and yes this has happened several times)

With your contribution, you too, can be superior!



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Lake Superior 2024 – Because I am

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